Salon of the Earth

Continuing with the monthly format. January will meet Wednesday Jan. 4th at 10PM SLT at Arcadia temple on Happy Clam Island. we'll begin with the topic Ignoring Trump while still fighting climate change. Join us in refusing to lie down before the Donald.

A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. - [Wikipedia] -

Our Salon of the Earth follows this historical perspective as we meet each Wednesday to realistically face the harsh realities of our uncertain future, to share knowledge of potential solutions and practices, and to provide the support and inspiration we all need as we tread our individual paths.

Our central focus is on the grand trifecta of Climate Change, Energy Depletion, and our arrival at the Limits to Growth. This historical dilemma presents us with significant challenges at the personal level. The governments and corporations have shown through their actions that they are uninterested in resolving this, or in leading the way.
We will lead
We will lead by implementing those practices which lead to a survivable future. We will speak for tree, for animal, for Gaia. We will practice and embody our care for the Earth, our care for our fellows, and avoid a smug cynicism or a faltering despair. We will share the knowledge we learn along the way with each other as we continue our journey away from the illusion of corporate consumption and endless growth as the only possible framework for human affairs.

Each week at our salon we explore methods and topics of organic growing, renewable energy, localization, small manufacturing, bio-mimicry, and economic alternatives to the current corporate plutonomy. Each meeting is a small root pushing a bit further into the soil of our future. We may never see the blossom, but our roots are strengthened and grow with each shared bit of knowledge and love.

Join us. The future is ours to create