HCI HandBook

Greetings clamies
welcome to Organica
(where the party gets done at your cost)

- Happy Clam's Handbook is the primary gateway for new clamies to find basic information on how to settle in at Organica, we seek with our expertise and professional staff to improve your experience during your stay, please, for you safety concern read bellow :

The purpose of this steps is to provide a guideline describing the way you could enjoy your stay

- In the event of critical system failure because of a sim crash and excessive lag, a hazardous material spill or leakage from the nuke power plant above the dance floor, a particle explosion due of excessive abuse of light shows causing a fire on your person, radiation poisoning, a chocking gas of unknown nature or origin, a skin trauma resulting from using the water-fountains behind the giant tree, food intoxication, talking to strangers specially those with candies, eardrum perforation during festivals resulting from the speakers vibration around the dance floor, an animal malfunction, an alien abduction, bitten or attacked by zombies, probed by a horde of naked fairies, or any other injurious experimental equipment failure.

.... YOU are reminded that we bear NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions or welfare.

Be Aware : sitting on the speakers is strictly prohibited !
DRUG USE IS PROHIBITED before events (B.Y.O.Ds), sharing is caring

Please feel free to join us, where your safety and your mental health is our first priority.