Happy Clam Island


PsyTrance, Goa, Progressive, Chill out, Full on, DarkPsy

Dj Live Performance

Home of Goa and Psy Trance, Resident DJs include variety of famous and independent individuals dedicated to sharing their tunes to the community

Event & Festival

Around the year we hold special event, we celebrate the SL Burning man (Burn 2 Festival), Solstice & Equinox since 2006

Lounge & Chill out

Tune in and Relax @ The clam Stage with electronic music characterized by its mellow style and mid-tempo beats, everyday after the party.

Salon of the Earth

Salon of the Earth every Wednesday at 10pm SLT at Arcadia Temple pursuing resilience in a changing world


Happy Clam Island
when words fails music prevails

. Set deep within a psychedelic forest, this organically themed dance club plays trance music set to a colourful and hypnotic light show.
. HCI is diverse in its community ranging from musicians, djs, artists, builders, and LOTS of friendly folks around the world building the future.
. Happy Clam Island is dedicated to justice respect freedom peace friendship and greet fooking music.
. Please feel free and join us, second life client required - download -

  • Dj Live Performance
  • Salon of the Earth
  • Event & Festival
  • Lounge & Chill out

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